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Unfortunately, Monique and I have come to the decision that we will be closing this tumblr. When we came up with this idea, we hoped this would be a place all Bamon fans could come to share amazing works of fanfiction, just have fun and interact with other shippers. Sadly, our visions for this tumblr didn’t happen and neither of us wants to keep this tumblr open for it just to be inactive. This tumblr will stay open for a day or 2 to allow everyone a chance to read this message. Thank you to everyone that followed us!

I have to give a big THANK YOU and *HUGS* to Monique for being such an amazing co-owner. I love you bb! You are a sweetheart and so talented, I couldn’t imagine running this tumblr with anybody else.


Adverse Effect has been updated!

Let the squeeing commence Chapter 12

If anyone wants to have a discussion on all the feels we’re here for it.

Guys if you haven’t read No More I love You’s I suggest you do now.

I was reading over this old great Bamon fic and I just noticed this part:

"So you profile murderous vampires, now?"

"No. I just…I’ve been thinking so much about this. Even if I am completely wrong about this vampire, I have to do something. All of these lives wasted. And for what?"

"Maybe he has no other choice." Damon responded, staring at the assorted liquor bottles lined against the wall.

"There’s always a choice." SOURCE


“This is Mystic Falls. Nothing bad ever happens here.”

THE PROPOSAL: You guys want a story/fanfic to go with SoN. This is how we go about getting it.

HOW THIS WORKS: Like an actual television show, Servants of Nature is now looking to put together a writing staff that will create 22 works of fiction “episodes” that will comprise one (1) full season of SoN.

Like an actual television show, members of the staff will be responsible for creating a series of connecting one-shots/”episodes” which not only explore this AU version of Mystic Falls, but also builds on this world that we’ve created for Bonnie, Melissa, and company. From the beginning, we’re telling the story of our two heroines, the relationships with their family, new friends, enemies, and allies in this small town.

And like any televison show, there will drama, twist and turns, cliff-hangers and guest apperances by various characters that are not a part of the main cast.

The goal is to create this whole new world in which Bonnie and Melissa fans can immerse themselves in. If this is something that excites YOU as a writer, then consider applying for a position on staff. 

HOW TO APPLY: Currently, SoN is only looking for eight (8) writers to fill positions on staff. Those intrested in applying must complete and submit the application form provided.

If you are hired, you will messaged with further instructions.

This is not a “first come, first serve” position. SoN is looking to get writers who are not only talented and creative, but also those who work well with others. Though the plan is to allow writers the opportunity to create their own ”episodes”, obviously they will be working on a specific outline that we, as a group, agreed upon to shape the season.

This a collaborative project. Though there will be a “showrunner” who has the option of final say on storylines, the staff of 9 (8 writers + 1 showrunner) makes it so that majority rules when a potential storyline is proposed a member of the group.

A few things to consider before you apply:

  • Only apply if you’re committed and have the time to actually write your oneshot(s)/”episode(s)”. 
  • At the moment a chat room/ or message board (most likely option) will be our  writing room and meetings will be mandatory. 
I hope to hear from you guys! A lot of people have been wondering if a fanfic is ever going be written for the particular storyline, and sadly, I’ve had to say no because I don’t have to the time to compose a quality, multi-chapter fanfic. And even though there are scripts for SoN, they’re independent from the story that I originally wanted to tell when I created this blog. But what I’ve learned is that when you have a group of passionate Bonnie fans, shit tends to get done.  So I’m hoping that some of these talented writers will step up and help make a go of this. If you guys have any questions, just hit me in my askbox :D
Just so you know, there's a new Fanfiction Site that's been created because of all the mess at FFdotnet - it's wwwdotyourfanfictiondotcom and has all the usability of FFdotnet but without the unreliability. They even say on there that they won't just delete anyone's fics without telling them an, if they have to, they'll email the fic to the person so no-one just loses anything. Plus they have an MA rating :)
Anonymous ASKED

Thank you so much for letting us know!


A few followers have given us some alternative websites for fanfiction.

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All mine are on Ao3 for the just in case. http://archiveofourown.org/users/donnadekarenfic/pseuds/donnadekarenfic/works

I don’t think that they have deleted my stories just yet but just in case they do I have made an account on TWCS Fan FIction site.  You can let the authors and readers know that don’t already about this site.


“Vampires must heal fast because today when I met him after the service, Stefan said that Damon had left Fell’s Church. He wasn’t happy about it; I think Damon didn’t tell him. Now the question seems to be: What is Damon doing? Out biting innocent girls? Or is he reformed? I wouldn’t lay bets on it either way. Damon was a strange guy.
But gorgeous. Definitely gorgeous.”

the fury

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*Attention Followers*

Fanfiction.net has gone on a spree of deleting some M rated fics resulting in some writers using other sites to publish their stories. If there are any Bamon fics that have been impacted by this could any authors or readers please let us know so we can keep those interested updated. Thank you!

The Last Dance was a pivotal moment for Bonnie and Damon’s relationship and to honor the one-year anniversary of the episode airing we will be hosting a Five Acts Meme. Here’s your chance to indulge in whatever kinks, acts, or fantasies you have for Bamon. Don’t be afraid to submit whatever tickles your fancy there’s nothing wrong with a little kink or a lot of kink and we are a no judgment zone.

  • Submit a list of your five favorite kinks/acts or themes to be posted. Inspiration can be found here. Also, if you have a preference for porn with plot please specify. Use the Five Acts Meme tag when submitting
  • To post fic based off submitted themes follow the same rules for how to fill a prompt
  • The Five Acts Meme will last from the April 14th-April 21st (if enough people ask we’ll extend it)
  • We will post everything ASAP.

An alternative for those that don’t want to participate in the Five Acts Meme will be a corresponding Drabble Party. We will also extend the Drabble Party to include arts and graphics too. Just follow the same rules we use for prompts and specify if you prefer fic or art. Lastly use the Drabble Party tag.

Monique and myself know that season 3 hasn’t exactly been kind (putting it mildly) to us Bamon fans, but we hope this celebration for 2.18 is successful and a great escape for you all. Please share this and help us get the word out about the Five Acts Meme and Drabble party to other Bamon fans.

Prompt: The roller coaster scene from the movie Fear

Rating (if you have a preference): M